When it comes to your wedding report, it’s really not about us. It just so happens, however, that the story of your day will be put together by a pair of word nerds who know what to look for in the whirlwind of a wedding day.

If it helps you put us into perspective, you should know that we have three and a half degrees between us, ranging from English Literature to Conservation of Historic Buildings. You should know that we met on a balcony overlooking the Tyne on a balmy August night, but that we’ve only managed to live in the same city as each other for less than 18 months of our five-year relationship. You should know that one of us has adorable children and one of us has adorable cats, but we’re equally guilty of over-Instagramming both of these. You should know that we fangirl about each other’s writing, achievements and successes.

Most importantly though, you should know how much we love writing your love stories. We’ve never felt anything other than honoured to document a wedding day. From the reaction of a crowd when they see the bride for the first time, to the inevitable bad puns of the best man’s speech, we love every tiny detail that contributes to the memories of your wedding day.

What you don’t yet know is just how magnificent and transient your wedding will be. We do. We know about the rush of emotion, the simultaneous speeding up and slowing down of time as you say your vows, the sense of each fleeting moment passing you by in a heady rush.

Our job is to make sure you remember everything about your wedding – including the bits you might miss at the time – so that you have your very own love story to cherish for many generations to come.