I cannot even describe how we felt reading your report, you’re a literary Doctor Who!! We were transported back to our day. You have captured our wedding day amazingly and caught everything, even things we had no idea had happened. It is just beautiful.


Thank you for our AMAZING wedding report!!! It brought back so many memories and made me feel like I was there again. I cried and laughed all in the space of 5 minutes! So wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you!!



I can’t believe how much you captured in that little notebook of yours and you didn’t leave a single thing out – it’s pretty much exactly as I remembered it! I love your writing and descriptions.


We got your email all those months ago and read it together immediately and it is quite possibly the most wonderful thing I could have included in our day alongside the photos! It is so wonderful to read all the words that could easily be forgotten! Thank you so much for the report, it really is wonderful and it was so nice to take an hour out again to read it this morning!


We both LOVE the report – it’s so lovely and I completely welled up reading it.  But of course, I knew you wouldn’t have produced anything less than amazing.